Hot or Cold 

Coffee - regular, flavored and decaf

Cold Brew- Our freshly ground Stone Creek Coffee steeped over 12 hours 

Espresso - 1 oz. shot of freshly ground beans

Latte - espresso and steamed milk

Americano - espresso and hot water

Cappuccino - espresso, steamed milk, and froth

Mocha - espresso, steamed milk and chocolate

Signature and Specialty Drinks


Signature Drinks 

Dubliner - Irish Cream and Hazelnut

Black Irishman - Caramel, Irish cream, and Chocolate

Berliner - caramel coconut and chocolate

Copenhagen - Vanilla and hazelnut

Azteca - Cinnamon spice and Chocolate

Belfast - Cinnamon and Caramel sauce

**Ask about our Specials of the Month**


Cookies 'n' Cream - cookies, milk, and vanilla (no espresso) 

Vanilla Bean - milk and vanilla powder (no espresso)

Creamy Frappe - milk and any flavor (Try dreamsicle, clover frappe, or french toast frappe) 

Smoothies - Torani brand (no artificial colors or flavors) Strawberry, Strawberry banana, Mango, Green Apple, Wildberry, and Raspberry

Coffee Frappes - mocha, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, or any one of our Signature Drinks!


Other Drinks 

Chai Tea Latte - spiced tea with steamed milk

(available in Sugar Free, Decaf, Vanilla, Green Tea, or Regular)

Choco Chai- Any of our signature chai's with a chocolate twist

Tea Latte - you choose the tea and milk

Steamer - steamed milk with flavor

Hot Cocoa - chocolate with steamed milk

Hot and Iced Tea - fresh assorted varieties

Italian Cream Soda - seltzer and flavors with a splash of cream.

Juice -apple, orange, or lemonade

Did You Know


Any of our hot and cold drinks can be made blended.


We proudly serve Stone Creek Coffee for our regular and decaf. Flavored Coffee available. 

Milk Substitutes available: Soy, Almond, Coconut


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